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Lives in the Balance

As creatures of nature, we humans strive for both equilibrium and evolution.

Balance between work and play, health food and treats, exercise and rest, frivolity and seriousness. When we are tired, we sleep; when hungry, we eat. The seasons offer a change of pace and mood to our experiences. Holidays and milestones highlight the passage of time and give meaning. Each passage is defined by the cycles of birth, growth, decay and rebirth. But when this balance is disrupted, we are triggered to alert, defense or alarm. Trauma and crisis impact the flow and rythym of mind, body and space. The collective disruptive event that the world underwent in the wake the Covid-19 pandemic shook us to the core. Forced to retreat into our respective home spaces, we found new ways to connect and continue to function, seeking the familiar in novel contexts, and discovering untapped talents. Living in what was once only a science fiction scenario, we strengthened and sharpened our survival insticts. Amid tragedy and loss we discovered unexpected reslience and joy. As the pendulum swings, the paradigm shifts. To truly embrace the power of potential tucked within this transformative happening we are called upon to shift our attitudes, open our hearts and strengthen our bodies. There is no turning back. Rise new!

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